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Training Unit

The Newton County Sheriff's Office Training Unit is responsible for
ensuring that all of the Sheriff's Office personnel receive continuous
training in the field of law enforcement. Training at the Newton County
Law Enforcement Center is sometimes open to outside agencies and
their officers. All training provided at the Newton County Sheriff's Office
is in accordance with the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.).

To fulfill these requirements the instructors and Field Training Officers (F.T.O.) of this agency are dedicated to creating and providing quality training programs that reflect the needs and changing responsibilities of law enforcement. All training is focused on providing and maintaining the highest quality of service for the citizens of Newton County.

Block Training for 2018
Supervisors from each Division will be supplied a monthly schedule of Block Training for March through October 2018. The scheduled class
days will indicate if it is a required class for a Mandated Deputy (MD), Detention Deputy (DD), Detention Officer (DO) and/or Administrative Personnel (AP) or (APD) Detention. Division Commanders will insure
that employees attend block(s) until all personnel have completed their required training for the year.

Lieutenant Paul Gunter
Training Unit Commande


This year all Firearms Related Requalification Training will be conducted during the month of February. Deputy Mandy Peters will communicate with the Division Commanders and obtain the days that their Shifts, Teams or Units are to report to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office Range.

The training will be conducted from 0800 to 1700 hours or until all Qualification and Remedial are complete. Scheduled for November will be Lowlight Firearms Training, with days and times communicated again by
Division Commanders to Deputy Peters.

Also this year, all Newton County Mandated Deputies who are not actively on duty will attend the Monthly
Team Building / Rapid Deployment Team Drills scheduled starting in March. The goal is to select 50 RDT Deputies, which will form Five (5) Ten (10) person teams. As stated this is an every month training from 0800
to 1200 hours. Division Commander may notify Lt. Paul Gunter of any personnel exempt from attending this training. Please bring plenty of fluids and note the location will be updated on each months schedule as

The Block Training Week and Schedule for October 2018 is listed below:

Monday, 10/08/2018

  0800 to 1700   Critical Tasks Part 1   NCLETC MD, DD, DO, AP/D
Tuesday, 10/09/2018 0800 to 1700 Critical Tasks Part 2 NCLETC MD, DD, DO
Wednesday, 10/10/2018 0800 to 0900 Body Worn Camera NCLETC MD, DD, DO
Wednesday, 10/10/2018 0900 to 1100 Community Policing NCLETC MD, DD, DO
Wednesday, 10/10/2018 1100 to 1200 Property & Evidence NCLETC MD, DD, DO
Wednesday, 10/10/2018 1300 to 1700 Agency In-service NCLETC MD, DD, DO
Thursday, 10/11/2018 0800 to 1200 X26 TASER NCLETC MD, DD, DO
Thursday, 10/11/2018 1300 to 1700 Less Lethal Training NCLETC MD, DD, DO
Friday, 10/12/2018 0800 to 1700 1st Aid CPR AED NCLETC MD, DD, DO, AP/D
Monday, 10/15/2018 0800 to 1700 Jail Operations Part 1 NCLETC DD, DO, APD
Tuesday, 10/16/2018 0800 to 1700 Jail Operations Part 2 NCLETC DD, DO, APD
Friday, 10/19/2018 0800 to 1200 Rapid Deployment Drill RAM DR. MD, DD

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