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Traffic Unit

The Traffic Enforcement Unit is part of Uniform Patrol Operations. The traffic Enforcement Unit is comprised of three deputies to include Two Motor Unit. The primary duty of the Traffic Unit is the enforcement of traffic laws in order to reduce traffic collisions, their resulting injuries, and to facilitate the safe and expedient flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. These efforts results in safer roadways and streets, fewer fatalities, injuries, and reduces property damage. The unit concentrates its enforcement efforts in the area with the highest collision rates within Newton County. These efforts continue to show signs of reducing the number of collisions.

Speed, one of the leading causes of collisions, is enforced through the use of Laser and Radar devices. Each unit is fully equipment with this equipment and has the ability to move radar trailers around the Newton County and set them up in areas to combat speeding.

Corporal Jack Redlinger
Traffic Unit Supervisor

These display units are rotated throughout the county to inform motorists of their speeds and serve as an educational tool.

The Traffic unit also has the responsibilities of escorting all funerals within Newton County along with attending many Out Reach Programs, Community Events and CHAMPS graduations. The Traffic Unit is assigned to monitor and oversee all traffic accidents and provide a heavy concentration on Traffic Enforcement.

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