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School Resource Officer Unit

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office has implemented the School
Resource Unit in cooperation with the Newton County Public Schools.
The program involves the assignment of law enforcement officers to the public middle and high schools as School Resource Officers (SRO). The School Resource Unit is intended to ensure that no student's right to receive an education is hindered by violence or disruption.

Each deputy is involved in a variety of functions aimed at prevention. In addition to being an active high profile deputy, he/she is also a resource
for students, parents, teachers and administration regarding law issues. Another duty for the deputy is being a link to other service agencies that provide preventive and counseling services within the school district. Working hand-in-hand with the principal in each school and school board,the deputy assists with finding solutions to problems afflicting today's school age children.

Q: What do SROs do in the schools?
A: The SRO works with the administration, educators, and counselors.The role each deputy plays is
dependent on the need of the situation. As a sworn public safety officer he/she is assigned to provide the law enforcement expertise and resources to assist school staff in maintaining safety and order.Each deputy shall:
  • Handle all calls for service and coordinate the response of other law enforcement resources to the
  • Be visible patrolling the exterior and interior grounds, particularly during the opening or closing of
    school and during the lunch periods.
  • Wear a uniform identifying them as a police officer.
  • Be involved with training for the school administration in law enforcement and related matters.
  • Monitor the social and cultural environment to identify emerging youth gangs.
  • Meet as necessary with the school principal for the purpose of exchanging information about current crime trends, problem areas, or other areas of concern.
  • Not act as a school disciplinarian, as the responsibility of discipline lies solely within the school administration.If the principal believes an incident is in violation of the law, he/she may contact the SRO to determine whether law enforcement action is appropriate.
  • Assist the principal in developing plans and strategies to prevent and/or minimize dangerous situations, which may result from student unrest.

Q: How can I contact my child's SRO? 
A:You may contact your child's SRO by calling the school during school hours and asking for the SRO.
If school is not in session, contact may be made through the NCSO School Resource Unit Commander, Lt. Cortney Morrison at (678)625-1405 or

School Resource Officers complete Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings training 
The Newton County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers completed the Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings course in Socorro, New Mexico June 24-27.

The IRTB course provided SROs with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely respond to terrorist incidents involving explosives. The IRTB course focuses on first responder health and safety by addressing personal protection issues that arise when responding to terror incidents involving commercial and homemade explosive.

Additionally, the course includes information on the recognition of Improvised Explosive Devices; terrorist organizations, both foreign and domestic; and lessons learned from past terrorist incidents. This information has better prepared SROs to safely recognize and respond to terrorist bombing threats.

SROs can now:
  • Recognize the history and current threat of terrorist bombings to the United States and its communities by domestic and international terrorist groups.
  • Identify explosive physical blast effects and hazard mitigation techniques for personal protection.
  • Identify Improvised Explosive Devices and their components.
  • Identify tactics and techniques used by terrorists to conduct attacks using explosives.
  • Identify personal protection considerations for a safe response to a pre-blast and post-blast bombing incident.
  • Identify response priorities and procedures during a post-blast incident for the initial incident response.

School Resource Officers:

Cpl. Romario Johnson


Deputy Lee Smith
Newton High

Deputy Mark Hegwood
Clements Middle

Deputy Johnny Robinson
Veterans Middle

Deputy Ezekiel Walker

Deputy Priscilla Simmons
Cousins Middle

Deputy Kimberly Cox
Eastside High

Deputy Andre Lawrence
Newton High

Deputy Antoinette Major
Alcovy High

Deputy Earl Nesbitt
Eastside High

Deputy Erika Jackson
Newton High

Deputy Shelton Herbert
Newton High

Deputy Diana Luong

Newton High

Deputy Ashton Elder
Alcovy High

Deputy Odalis Alberto
Liberty Middle


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