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Q: When can I visit an inmate in the detention center?
Inmate Visitation- Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday between 9:00am and 7:00pm. Each inmate has a prearranged time. Children can visit on Sunday only. No more than two children. Each inmate is allowed 30 minutes for visitation. Please arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled visitation time.

Medical Visitation - Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Anytime between 9:00am and 6:00pm. Be here on the hour to get signed in. Visitation starts on the hour, but be here 20 mintues before the hour. No children allowed. Inmates are allowed 30 minutes for visitation.

Inmate Worker Visitation - Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Anytime between 9:00am and 7:00pm. Inmate workers must appear 20 mintues before the hour, and visitation starts on the hour. Children can visit on Sunday only. Inmate workers are allowed 45 minutes for visitation.

Q: What are the rules of visitation?
All visitors are required to present a valid state issued photo ID. All personal items must be left in a locker or locked in your vehicle. No items can go into the visitation area. Appropriate attire is required. No halter tops, tank tops, shirts showing cleavage or back, skirts higher than four inches above the knee, shorts higher than four inches above the knee. Please arrive twenty (20) minutes before the scheduled visitation time.

Q: How can I receive calls from an inmate?
You must set up a prepaid phone account with Paytel. You may contact Paytel at 800-729-8355.

Q: What can I bring to an inmate?
As of June 2019, whites are no longer accepted. Whites can be ordered through the jail commissary at

  • Eyeglasses- Must be plastic frames.
  • Contact Lenses
  • Contact Solution (Must be brand new in the package)

Q: What is first appearance?
Eligible inmates shall be entitled to his/her first appearance hearing within the first 72 hours of arrest. First appearance is a closed court hearing at the Detention Center. If the inmate is going to receive a bond, the Judge will set it at this time.This hearing is not open to the public. First appearance is currently held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Q: How can I send an inmate mail?
The address is 15151 Alcovy Road Covington, GA 30014. When writing an inmate please make sure to provide the inmates name, id number, and cell location. Only one picture is allowed per envelope (No Polaroid pictures and/or pictures of an inappropriate nature will be accepted). Any books or magazines must be sent directly from the publisher (No hard back books). No blank paper, stamps or stamped envelopes will be accepted these items can be purchased through Commissary.

Q: How can I post bond on an inmate?
Newton County provides all eligible inmates an opportunity to post bond. Before an inmate can be released from custody on a bond, he/she must have a bond set for each charge. Inmates under sentence or with charges that have no bond set are not eligible for bond. We are available to complete bonds 24/7.

Inmates may enter into a contractual agreement with a professional bondsman to serve as surety on their bond; or Inmate's family members may post a property bond provided the property is located in Newton County. An inmate cannot use his/her own property as surety on a bond.

The person posting bond must present a current year real estate tax receipt, a current mortgage statement (current within 60 days), a copy of the warranty deed, and a certified state issued identification card. If the property is free and clear, a copy of the cancelled security deed must be present. All parties listed as owner must be present to sign the bond. You must have enough equity in the home to cover the bond amount.

A $20.00 fee shall be charged for each property bond performed by Newton County. This fee is to be collected in cash only and must be exact change (We cannot make change).

Q: How can I find out Court Dates?
The Superior Court calendar is set by the District Attorney's Office 770-784-2070. Probate Court dates are printed on the ticket, or you may contact Probate Court at 770-784-2045. For Municipal Court dates contact City of Covington at 770-786-7605 or City of Porterdale at 770-786-2226. For Recorders Court dates contact City of Oxford at 770-788-1390.

Q: What reason could my mail be returned if mailing an inmate?
Your mail can be returned due to having pictures, drawings, cards or the individual is no longer in custody.

Q: What type of books can I purchase for an inmate?
You may purchase paperback books, religious books or subscribe to a magazine or news scriptures. All material must come from a publishing company (no erotic or explicit material will be accepted).

Q: How can I get property from an inmate?
The Inmate will have to sign a property release giving you permission to pick-up his/her property.

Q: How can I get documents signed by an inmate?
You may mail the documents to:
Newton County Sheriff Office
15151 Alcovy Rd.
Covington GA 30014

Q: How does an inmate earn good time?
The Inmate can apply for inmate worker and be on detail for (30) days

Q: What are the requirements for ankle Monitors?
You have to be sentenced to County time by a Judge or recommended for ankle monitor by a Judge, or having inmate worker status for (30) days with verifiable housing to be monitor locally.


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