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The Detention Division is responsible for the care, custody and control of inmates, protection of inmate rights, and the delivery of inmate programs and medical services.

The Detention Division's Administrative Support and Detention Operations Sections are crucial to day-to-day functions of the division: Classification, Housing Unit, Identification, Intake, Release, Kitchen, Inmate Property, Laundry, Bonding, Inmate Commissary, Data Entry, Accounting, Records Retention, Visitation, and Transport Control.

Inmate Programs provide rehabilitative and educational opportunities through coordinated community resources so that inmates can ready themselves for productive citizenship upon return to their communities. Inmate programs grant the opportunity to escape what for some individuals becomes a revolving door at the detention center.

Program members without high school diplomas are offered to attend 60 hours of General Educational Development (GED) classes taught by DeKalb Technical College staff in the detention centers educational section.

The FATHERHOOD, BROTHERHOOD, and MOTHERHOOD programs teach personal development, goal setting and achievement, decision-making, problem solving, interpersonal and family relationship development, financial management, and stress and anger management. The curriculum also is designed to prepare the participants for workforce entry (job readiness, job seeking and retention).


ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (AA) and NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS (NA) programs are run entirely by volunteers from AA and NA.

The CHAPLAINCY PROGRAM renders spiritual, motivational and emotional support. Inmates housed in the Newton County Detention Center receive ministry from in-house chaplains and from churches of various religious denominations. Volunteer chaplains conduct religious services that serve approximately 300 inmates weekly.

As required by federal law, the LAW LIBRARY accommodates the Newton County Detention Centers daily inmate population with adequate legal texts and support materials for research. Photocopy service is available for copying legal forms, documents, case law and statutes.

INMATE WORK FORCE -- Convicted inmates are screened to participate in inmate work programs. Inmates perform a variety of tasks that otherwise would be contracted to private services, such as working in the jail kitchen or laundry room and landscaping, painting and janitorial duties at government offices, including the county courthouse. Calculated at minimum wage rates, the Inmate Work Force provides more than $1 million of cost-saving labor to Newton County annually.

Newton County Detention officials, working with the county's Judges and Probation Office, began an INMATE WORK RELEASE program in 2003. Inmates approved for participation are allowed to report to their jobs and then return to the jail at designated hours after work.


The inmate work release facility is designed to accommodate 32 persons with sentences of 360 days or less who are convicted for abandonment (failure to meet court-mandated child support requirements) but will also include those with second and third DUI offenses. Potential participants must already be employed when sentenced.

MEDICAL/DENTAL CARE for Inmates --The Newton County Detention Center provides medical, basic dental and mental health care to inmates as needed. The medical staff is available around the clock to provide care, to assess incoming arrestees, and to dispense inmate medication. Newton County Detention Center's medical unit includes a medical and mental health infirmary, and a dental clinic with two dental operatories. Seriously ill inmates or those needing surgery or hospitalization are transported to Newton Medical Center.

Protecting Employee Health in a High-Risk Environment - Jails/Detention Centers are among the workplace environments considered at risk for contracting tuberculosis (TB) and other contagious diseases. NCSO offers TB testing to all employees. The state of Georgia and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require workers in high-risk environments/professions to be offered Hepatitis B vaccinations.


The Newton County Special Response Team was created on July 27th, 2004, after the completion of our new detention facility. This team was created to ensure the security of the facility and the safety of the Detention Officers and inmates inside. The S.R.T. team is called upon to handle all levels of disturbances within our facility. The team also routinely conducts searches of inmate cells to ensure that no contraband is brought into our facility.

Newton County's Special Response Team was the first "County Team" to be State Certified in Georgia. The S.R.T. team has also been certified as a "Tactical Squad" that can be deployed if surrounding agencies call for their assistance.


Deputies with the Newton County Sheriff's Office Warrants Division are responsible for the service of arrest warrants issued by the courts. Warrant service is accomplished regardless of the originating courts jurisdiction.

Deputies assigned to the Warrant Division also cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies


including participating in the U.S. Marshals service Operation Falcon, a nationwide effort to apprehend persons with felony warrants.

As of this year, Newton County Sheriff's Office has joined the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force with the U.S. Marshals Office. The Sheriff has placed a full time Deputy to be assigned to the Marshal Service. This provides our office with a superior resource and greatly benefits the citizens of this county.




Transport Division is responsible for handling all of the transport needs of the Sheriff's Office throughout the southeastern United States on a daily basis. Some of their daily duties consist of the following:

  • Transporting convicted inmates from our facility to several different state prisons
  • Transporting juvenile offenders to the juvenile detention facility located in Sandersville, Georgia
  • Transporting mental patients to a number of different mental care facilities within the state
  • Pick up inmates from different state prisons and transporting them back to our facility for court proceedings
  • Pick up inmates arrested on Newton County warrants in other jurisdictions in order to bring them to our facility to face charges in our court system
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